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Elegant Black Garden Ideas For Best Landscape Solution

Flower black garden ideas

Have you ever heard the term black garden? It seems very strange there is a black garden because everywhere the garden is always synonymous with colorful flowers. And black is more likely to be interpreted as something magical and full of mystery. Is that right? Yes, the black color is identical to the mystical color, then how is it applied in the garden.

Well, the uniqueness that makes the black garden into a unique garden and looks mystical. But that does not mean everything is black, we will still see some plants with green leaves and there are also colors other than that like flowers.

Of course, you are increasingly curious as to what the real black garden? Especially if you are someone who likes black. Of course curious to know what kind of garden, because maybe you also want to have a black garden in your home.

Flower black garden ideas
Flower black garden ideas

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Well, the picture above is an example of the Black Garden we mean. What we mean by the black garden is, in some groups of plants, there are indeed black ones, either on the black leaves or on the black petals. Indeed there are some plants that have blackish-colored leaves, and there are also some plants that have black flowers, one of which is the black orchid flower.

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